The 5 Best Bits from Tig Notaro"s New Special Happy to Be Here

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The title of Tig Notaro’s new hour-long special is a bit misleading, but not for the reasons you might suspect.
Happy to Be Here, which Notaro performed at Houston’s Heights Theater, might suggest a through line of sarcasm, or even cynicism, directed at the act of performance, celebrity, or the existential burden of life itself (this is a stand-up comedy special, remember?). “Happy to be here” is something we utter out of resignation, a forced off-the-cuff pleasantry we offer when we are somewhere we are certainly not happy to be. It betrays how we truly feel. Certainly Tig, whose comedic sensibility could be described as delicately dark and deadpan — and whose personal life has been punctuated by tragedy in a very public way — knows this, and naming her special this is just a witty way to playfully sab…

10 Times Bollywood Thought Rape Jokes Were Funny

Image -A video of Jim Sarbh and Kangana Ranaut at an apparent Cannes afterparty recently floated, where Jim Sarbh made this joke:
I’d rather be raped by 12 prostitutes than touch alcohol and the Punjabi says ‘Me too, I didn’t know that was an option.

And Kangana Ranaut, who had openly condemned Salman Khan’s infamous rape comment, laughed along, leading to a backlash from Twitterati.
However, in conversation with ScoopWhoop, Jim Sarbh clarified by saying:
I’m sorry the joke offended you. The joke is not about committing sexual violence, but about men being stupid and blowing situations out of propotions: one condeming, the other accepting.  I am sorry it is upsetting, I will be more careful in the future. 
However, this incident brings to light a very important issue – rape is such a normal part of our society, that no one th…

Funny memes about friends

Image -Funny memes are made of three main ingredients: funny pictures, hilarious taglines, and words you can relate to. The fact that they are short and simple makes it easy to digest the joke without getting bored. In most instances, Kenyan memes contain humorous facial expressions or a message that only friends can relate to, which makes the humorous memes great at expressing the true meaning of friendship. Whether it aims to send a subliminal message or to make someone smile, funny memes for friends never fail to attract appreciation. These funny memes about friends do more than share good times; they will also come in handy when you need to brighten your friend’s day. So read on to find various funny memes that you can share with your friends.

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Friends drinking alcohol funny memes
Not even the Mututho law can keep friends from having a cold beer t…

Summa Nerve: Grocer Censors Mom"s Graduation Cake

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A South Carolina woman isn’t happy a grocery store censored her honor graduate son’s cake, which was supposed to include the Latin phrase “Summa Cum Laude.”
Cara Koscinski told The Washington Post she ordered a cake online from Publix that was supposed to say “Congrats Jacob! Summa Cum Laude class of 2018.”
She says the online message box did not like the word “cum,” the Latin word for “with.” The computer marked it as a naughty word and substituted three hyphens.
Koscinski said she then filled in a box for special instructions, explaining the Latin word and placed the $70 order. Another family member picked up the cake, not knowing what it was supposed to say. It came with the hyphens.
She says the store gave her a refund and a gift card when she complained.

24 Adorable Tooth Fairy Traditions You"ll Want to Try ASAP

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Give them a receipt
Yaroslav Mishin/ShutterstockTo make the teeth-for-treats transaction feel even more legit to your little one, make sure the Tooth Fairy leaves them a receipt under their pillow. Some adorable versions created even have a spot to rate the “tooth quality” and a barcode for authenticity. Here’s where you can get printable Tooth Fairy Receipts.

Bring in the Raton de los Dientes
Malykalexa/ShutterstockIn many Hispanic cultures, it isn’t some glittery fairy that collects teeth, it’s a rat—but a nice one! In Argentina, before bed, kids put their tooth in a glass of water and El Raton de los Dientes (sometimes called Ratoncito Perez) comes, drinks the water, takes the tooth, and puts a prize in the empty cup. It’s a fun twist on the tradition, especially for kiddos who may not be into fairies. To keep the cultural experien…